Also known as 'mood lighting', these fantastic lights are simply the greatest way to enhance any room, creating the perfect atmosphere to complete that 'WOW' factor for your event.

LED lighting is the latest application of lighting technology.  Having a selection of coloured lighting around the room really helps to enhance the ambience and create the perfect setting, which really makes a positive difference.

You choose the colour(s) you would like, one specific colour or they can be placed in alternative colours around the room, or even different areas on different colours.  The choice is yours, and whatever you choose, it will look amazing!!

Up-lights are available for hire in sets of 4 (and multiples of 4 thereafter).  One set of 4 is priced at just £50.00.
If you are thinking of adding these to your DJ booking then take advantage of the great offer of having 12 up-lights for just £120.
For more information, recomendations, and advice on how many you may need, please call or e-mail and I will be happy to help.